Play Art



Over the years, as part of experimenting with different drawing and painting techniques, I started to recognise that the initial first impression sketch idea had a great deal of fluidity and subtlety that earlier on during commercial commissions, I had previously disregarded as ‘unfinished’. ┬áHence, due to the needs of illustrative style briefs, work was always a step by step mechanical process to get to a pre-conceived desired ‘finished piece’.

Here are a variety of experimental pieces usually completed very quickly for their own sake in what ever medium gave the quickest result, mostly at the time in watercolour inks and coloured pencil on blown up photocopies spray mounted to card. Other times acrylic on canvas or watercolour paper board, sometimes just a slab of old Masonite panel board was preferred, and most recently digital painting in Photoshop.

The ‘scribbler’ style made its way into a number of other commissions, namely the ‘Artefact’ in publishing, and now as a creative pursuit, the technique is evolving into a painting style that may one day manifest as an exhibition series.

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