Over the course of practising illustration, I’ve had to adapt to a various range of styles, utilising diverse techniques and materials to suit each commission.  Due to the nature of work on offer in Australia as a freelancer, being adaptable, flexible, and dextrous with multiple mediums has resulted in a folio that appears to be a collection of a group of individual artists.  Although the time-line of this work covers 20 years, it shows an evolutionary adaptation to commission directives, but also just how I tended to approach illustration as an art form and a business.

Always curious to explore and discover a range of new materials, after much experimentation I settled into commercial illustration colour work with a combination of vibrant Ecoline Watercolour Dyes, Polychromos Coloured Pencils, and Windsor & Newton Gouache usually applied to spray mounted 185gsm smooth Arches watercolour paper.  Alternatively some works were completed with Atelier Acrylics on the same mounted paper, or CS2 cold pressed strippable watercolour board.

Recently however with the advent of computers, Photoshop has all but replaced these traditional mediums in a commercial capacity, but I still find enjoyment in drawing and painting ‘for real’ as a means to keeping in touch with the fun interactivity of pencils, paint and papers.  The principle drafting and colouring techniques have not so much as changed, just the work tools advanced via hardware, software, and pixels.

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